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Dion Group

Dion is a diversified business group in different sectors of productive activity with business units in; international trading, construction, real estate development, wholesale brand distribution, and entertainment, as well as non-profit activities in; human development, road safety and culture.




Our trading companies guarantee excellence and probity in the supply of products and brands of Mexican and Central American origin for the international market. We know well how to carry the right products to the desired markets with extensive knowledge of goods management in the international framework. The fair appraisement to producers and manufacturers, together with the commitment to social responsibility, are an essential part of our business.



We have been in the industry for more than four decades, both in the execution of works and in different services related. We work in the public and private sectors as well as in public private partnerships, participating in the planning, design, execution, operation and administration of various infrastructure and civil works projects. We have technical and administrative resources that allow us to be a productive organization that meets cost, quality and time expectations in each of our projects.


Real Estate development

From the formulation and structuring of our projects and projects commissioned by third parties, to their operation. We make developments with a primary focus on providing conditions of well-being to the human race in harmony with the planet. Developments of different uses in which we participate accredit us as a trustworthy enterprise in the quality of its deliveries. Some of the activities in which we participate; technical, legal and financial feasibility, structuring and financial, Master Plans, construction, supervision and management, marketing and strategies, delivery, and operation.



Inspired by the vision of providing humanity with moments of happiness, we have made hundreds of productions, both studio and live, that bring together in a harmonious and successful way the participation of various arts and creative industries, that generate enriching content and experiences for the audiences that turn into successes for the executive producers.

Amigos contentos

Non-profit Organizations

We consider that collaborative participation with society in non-profit activities is a commitment for every human being and that it must be structured and supported by organizations with proven experience and transparency. We participate directly and / or supporting ventures in different areas such as; social development, human rights and road safety.

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